Personalised Genetic Profiling

Genetic screening for Fitness: Knowing your unique genetic predisposition allows you to zoom in on the best types of exercises and training methods that will get you the faster results. We screen 15 traits covering 110 genes in fitness performance, includes athletic performance, muscle performance, injury risk, weight management.

You will get:

  1. DNA report with exercise plan.

  2. Advised on performance focused, clean form fitness supplements.

Genetic screening for Nutritional: We all process and use vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients differently based on our DNA. By knowing your unique genetic predisposition helps you to discover the ways to eat that are right just for you. This information will assist you to develop a personalized wellness management for heart and eye health, antioxidative ability, liver function, vitality, dietary sensitivities, and metabolic health.

You will get:

  1. DNA report with dietary recommendations.

  2. Advised on specific purity blend nutrition supplements.

Genetic screening for Skin Health: Screening for genetic variations associated with hereditary risks for various skin and premature ageing conditions can identify those factors that benefit from aesthetic, supplements, dietary and lifestyle interventions.

By knowing your genetic variations, you can:

  • understand your body's natural ability to detox, protect against UV damage and to maintain skin elasticity.

  • discover your genetic traits for ageing and antioxidant response.

  • make dietary changes to replenish micronutrients required by your body.

You will get:

  1. DNA report with skin care recommendations.

  2. Advised on your skin facial products.

The Goal of Genetic-Guided Personalized Precision Medicine:

The Right Supplement/s in

The Right Amount for

The Right Indication for

The Right Patient at

The Right Time