Ms Catherine, 55 years old.


The reality of my own ageing, with my body’s slowing down. I started feeling my knee and ankle joints wearing out, my memory slowing down, lack of energy, my skin is getting dry.

A few months ago I underwent the RCT in Rejuv, and it has dramatically changed my life. A week after the procedure, i feel more energetic, joint pains improves, my skin start glowing and firmer, too. Cannot ask for more, my friends are asking what my cosmetics secrets are!


Mr Wong CY, 72 years old.
I was diagnosed with grade 3 bilateral knee osteoarthritis since 3 years ago. Surgery was not an option to me anymore due to old age. My condition is deteriorating as time goes, regular pain killer is the only way to ease my pain. Until i underwent RCT Musculoskeletal Regeneration Therapy, it changes my life. I am even able to go for a long trip with my family now with no pain. I would definitely continue maintaining my joint treatment in Rejuv. 


Ms Lin, 30 years old.
I love their Enhanced PRP Skin Regeneration Therapy. I feel the effect is so much better than the others. The PRP kit they used is able to extract highly concentrated PRP, the whole process is done under closed system, therefore the quality is ensured. Definitely worth for the price. 


Ms Mila, 39 years old.
I never thought of i can understand my skin's genetic potential deeper. The personalized genetic skin test provide me a  customized recommendations - based on my unique DNA, for the most effective topical ingredients, supplement ingredients, and professional treatments. I feel amazed by the report.